Fences and Entrance Gates

The WIŚNIOWSKI company offers a wide range of entrance gates and whole systems of estate or industrial fences. Thanks to the module construction the fence system can be adjusted to any given piece of land, regardless of its size and shape.
The system includes: sliding or double-swing gates, fence segments, wicket gates and posts. It is also possible to install a new gate or wicket gate into an already existing fence.
To match the fence with the estate Wiśniowski offers three different estate fence systems – traditional CLASSIC, original STYL and elaborated in form LUX.


Residential gates and fences

Sliding gate

Wing gates and loopholes

Segments and poles

Industrial fences

Sliding gate

Sliding gate PI 200

Sliding gate PI 130

Sliding gate PI 95

Double leaf gates and wickets

Segments and poles

Panels gate VEGA 2D

Industrial fences

Sport fences

Industrial fences: 

Additional materials (pdf):
– catalog: Estate gates and fences [download]
– technical catalog: Estate gates and fences [download] (26MB)
– catalog: Industrial gates and fences [download]